Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gray Ruffle Shirt

My sweet hubby got me this dress form for Christmas. I was so excited because now I can actually take pictures of some of the shirts I've made!
I found this great knit fabric at Walmart. 5 yards for $5. I love great deals!
This shirt was actually really easy to make. I just took one of my favorite shirts and used it as a pattern for the main bodice part. Then I added a band around the bottom and finished the arms and neck. For the ruffles I took random strips of fabric, ruffled them and sewed them on in the shape I wanted. I loved the way it turned out! In fact I liked it so much I ended up using it for our family pictures:)
 Even though these family pictures are over a year old, I still love them so much! We had the most amazing photographer, Tara Winsor! I highly recommend her:) Check out her blog Winsor Photography.

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  1. I DIDN'T know that you made that shirt completely!! You are amazing!! And it is so cute!