Thursday, April 26, 2012

Car Seat Cover

I had my second boy (sweet little baby Braden) back in December and my awesome sister Amy (Happy Scraps Blog) made me this CUTE car seat cover!!! I have loved it and used it everyday since. I am now a big fan of car seat covers:)
I LOVE the fabric she chose!
So a few weeks ago I decided to make one for my friend who was about to have a baby girl.
 I'm so happy for her!!!
I used a cute red polka dot fabric on one side and this yellow, brown, and red flowery print for the other side. I knew my friend liked the ric-rac around mine so I did the same thing for hers.

 Somehow I forgot to take a picture of the handles on it:) but I added ric-rac to those as well. I also made them Velcro so it would be easy to take on and off. Then I made it reversible (adding handles to each side) in case she wanted to change it sometimes.
I'm glad I have friends that have baby girls, so I can make fun girl things once in a while!
Here's a snapshot of another one :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

White Ruffle Dress

 I've had the idea for this dress for about a year now and finally made it a couple of weeks ago for Easter Sunday! It didn't quite turn out the way I pictured it in my head, but I still like it. The inspiration for this dress actually came from the red flowery belt. I found it at a thrift store for $0.50 and thought it would be so cute on a white dress. I bought the cotton blend material at Hancock Fabric for about $10.
 This dress is SUPER simple. It really just consists of two pieces of fabric (the front piece and back piece) and then ruffles and a small collar added to the top. It actually kind of looks like a potato sack without the belt:) I didn't want to take the extra time to do a zipper or lots of buttons so a made it baggy enough to just fit over me and then with a belt it looks fitted.  It actually Velcros at the top of the shoulders and the collar has a small snap on each side, so I can slip it on easily.  

The good thing about this dress is it is very versatile! I can put any belt with it and any cardigan with it, so there is tons of variety. It makes it so fun!

Creative Itch

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prom Sweet Prom

Last week I was able to work on this fun prom dress!!! I love the color and the gorgeous bead-work!

My neighbors asked me to hem up the bottom, fix a small hole in the tulle, 
and add sleeves to make it more modest.

 I had a hard time finding the exact color of fabric so that the sleeves would match the rest of the dress, so I ended up using two fabrics and overlaying them. The first fabric was a Fushia colored Mirror Organza (which is a sheer, lightweight, silky/somewhat stiff fabric:). I folded it three times so it was six layers thick and wouldn't be see-through. 
Then I added the second fabric on top, which was a raspberry colored, soft, wired Tulle. The sleeves were actually a bit more tricky than I thought. At first they turned out too poky on the top of the shoulders, so I sewed 3 small tuck/pleats on each sleeve so it would form to her shoulders better.

Here's how it turned out! Doesn't she look beautiful!?!?
(P.S. I really need to cover my dressform so it doesn't clash with whatever I put on it:)

Friday, April 13, 2012

For Sale!!!!

 Wow! It's been 3 weeks since I blogged! I can't believe it! Time seems to be flying lately.  I feel like I've done tons of projects the last month but haven't had much time to blog about them. But I have been taking lots of pictures of them so they will be up on here soon:) The biggest news around here is that we put our house up for sale! Do you know anyone looking for a good starter home in the Davis County area? It's been a great house for us!  Click here if you'd like to see the details:) If not, here's a quick tour!
 Here's our front yard. When we were looking at buying this house, we loved that it had big, mature trees in the front and back yard.
We also loved the cute red brick and white shutters.
We liked that it has a white picket fence and a long driveway for playing basketball:)
Here's a view of the back yard. We love how big and spacious it is 
(.23 acres, big for a starter home in this area)! 
When we bought the house only a few of the windows had been replaced and that was about 30 years ago:) So we put all new vinyl windows in.

  We put this patio in last summer and have really enjoyed it! So much better than the mud pile that used to be here:)
Tony put the swing on our big maple tree. It is by far Max's favorite thing in the back yard!
Tony also added a fire pit in our big garden area.
Lots of room to run and play:)
Now for the inside.....this is our living room. When we moved in everything was painted a neutral color. One of the first things we did was paint the wall red. Then Tony surprised me one weekend by putting up the board-n-batten, which I love! The original color of the fireplace was a sandstone brown/orange, but it was painted black before we moved in, which I love!
 Here's the dining area. We really like the big open windows, especially the bay window. I made almost all my curtains from sheets since I couldn't find any curtains I liked:)
 We've done quite a bit of work to the kitchen. The island was not originally there. Tony was so sweet and built it for me for Christmas the first year we moved in. Now it's my favorite thing in the kitchen and gives me so much more counter space! We also re-stained and scored the cabinets. Then Tony added crown molding to the top of them. It originally had a stainless steel sink but we replaced it with this white one I found at Restore for $20. Then we added a new bronze finish facet from Home Depot.
 This is Max's room which has now become the boys room:)
I made the sports pictures above the crib out of my dad's old shirts.
This is the master bedroom.  
 Here's the bathroom. We re-tiled the shower and put in a taller shower head so we didn't have to squat when we wash our hair:)
 This is our family room downstairs. The ceiling and two outside walls are not finished. The ceiling used to be really ugly wood so we sanded it and painted it white. It looks much better and makes it feel cleaner. Since the ceiling was exposed, we had all of the original plumbing replaced! Yeah!!!
 We even had enough room to squeeze in Tony's dream--a pool table:)
 This is our music/guest room downstairs.
 And this is my sewing/craft/guest room that I love!

Wow! I cannot believe all we have done to our house in only a few years. It sure has been fun! Who knows if our house will sell or not?  It's kind of a bitter-sweet thing for sure!!!