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I never thought I would start a blog! But the last few years since I've been a stay at home mom, I have found SO many inspiring DIY, sewing, cooking, crafting, thrift-ing, and parenting blogs. I'm not always so great at reading them but I love to look at their pictures and get ideas:)  I felt like it was my turn to share some ideas and give back in my own small way.

This blog only came about after my sister Amy's (The Happy Scraps) constant encouragement. Anytime I would finish a project, I'd be so excited to tell her all about it! I would call, text, or send her a picture. She'd always say, "You really need to start a blog!" So in December 2011 while I was sitting at home with my sleeping newborn, I finally started my blog. It has been such a fun way to keep track of all of the projects I have done. When we moved into our cute OLD (1944 old) house in 2009, my husband (Tony) and I did a countless number of projects. I feel like that sweet old house really sparked our creativity and made us try new things. Blogging about these experiences has truly made me more grateful and helped me realize how blessed we are!

For some reason I had so many fears about starting a blog (i.e. would anyone read it? my photography skills are not great, would the pictures I take even show what my projects really look like? would it be too time consuming? do I really want to put myself out there for everyone to see?) But all of these fears are slowly being overcome and if nothing else, I have really enjoyed the blog for myself. It's been so fun!

 The name Pearls, Pinstripes, & Peanut Butter came about because it's 3 things I love.

  • PEARLS is for jewelry which I have always loved! I don't always love making it, but I love finding it for cheap. 
  • PINSTRIPES is for fabric because I love to sew and design clothes, bags, quilts, and whatever else. I have never liked sewing with patterns. They are too time consuming and sometimes confusing to me. It's easier for me to think about it in my head and then start sewing. So the last few years I have really enjoyed designing! Sometimes I try and sketch projects out on paper (which is hilarious and never comes out how I'm thinking, since I'm horrible at drawing :) and other times I just think about it and start sewing. I also have a dressform that helps me visualize clothes I'm designing. Some projects have failed and others have turned out great, but overall it's been so fun to try and I always learn new things from any project. As a mom, I don't have tons of time for projects, so if they aren't fast and easy I usually don't do them. That's one reason I love re-purposing and refashioning, since the projects are already half done. 
  • PEANUT BUTTER is for peanut butter (who doesn't love peanut butter?) and baking and cooking, which I also love!
  • Although it's not part of the name I have definitely become a thrifter the last few years. It is so thrilling for me to do things for cheap. The less money I spend, the more exciting it is! I think it's my version of hunting :) So I like all shopping but especially thrift stores, dollar stores, clearance racks, and free things.

This little "about me" post  is probably the most writing you will ever see on my blog. I've never been big on words and don't have too much time to blog. I also figure other people are busy too, so I try to keep it short and sweet.

I'm so thankful for Amy's and Tony's help and support and anyone who has ever read (or looked at pictures :) or commented on this blog. It means a lot to me, so THANK YOU for visiting my humble little blog! 

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