Thursday, January 12, 2012

White Ruffle Shirt

The inspiration for this shirt actually came from seeing Sachiko's ruffle shirt on the TeaRoseHome Blog . I wish I had a picture of my original shirt. It was a plain white long sleeved tee with a rounded neck. I simply cut off the sleeves and made four ruffles out of them and sewed them on in rows. With the remaining fabric I made a one inch tube and then ruffled it to go around the neck. I felt like the shirt needed a little more to it so I added the gold brads (which actually came off of an old purse). The blue on the sleeves was actually not planned at all. I was in a hurry to show Tony the new shirt I had made so I slipped it on over the blue shirt I was wearing. He said one of his favorite parts was the blue on the sleeves. So I decided to add it to the shirt!
This shirt works well with any color cardigan over it too!

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  1. It looks great, but I've told you that before! :)