Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spray Painted Furniture

I love to spray paint furniture! It gives me a thrill to find something old and ugly and envisioning its potential.
I found this great chair at a Thrift Store for $10 and thought I could make it look a little better. So I bought it, some how shoved it in my car, and brought it home. I had it sitting in the garage when my husband came home and saw it. He said "EW!!! Why did you buy that ugly chair?"  I told him I thought I could make it look better. He didn't believe me, but once I got done with it, he ended up liking it:)
 All it needed was a little love and spray paint! I used the Krylon Ivory color spray paint ($3 at Walmart). The fabric was actually in really good shape so I decided not to recover it. I just put plastic over while I spray painted it.
It didn't have any cushion on it, so I covered a foam cushion with a king size pillow case from Walmart (since the fabric matched my curtains, which were made from sheets:). 
Once I was done, my husband liked it enough to allow it in the house:)
I also spray painted this little end table and the lamp. The lamp was one of those old bright gold/brass lamps that used to be popular. I like the shape of it but not so much the color so I spray painted it black to match in our living room. Then I found the lamp shade at Target on clearance for $3!
I found this little end table at a thrift store too (for $8). It was plain brown and had some hideous bell handles on it. I painted it with red Krylon spray paint and added these simple little black handles (from Home Depot) to it.
I really loved the way it turned out and it adds so much more color to our living room!
Happy Spray Painting!!!


  1. They both look great! Love spraypainting, my husband bought me one of those nifty black sprayers to adhear to my spray paint can makes life so much easier when spraying!

    1. Thanks! I definitely need one of those sprayers! It would save my fingers:)

  2. These both look great! I love that little side table! You are lucky to find things for a good price to be able to give new life to. I don't go thrifting very often but when I do I always strike out. :)

  3. Awesome change! I have gone through your article and found it very inspiring one. I love painting furniture by roller or brush but now I would love to try Spray as well and hope to get great change as shown above.

    Linda@ white painted furniture