Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Days

 This was a fun quick little Christmas craft that helped get me into the Christmas spirit :) My sister was so sweet and gave me the vinyl which says: "Merry Days and Silent Nights". I wanted to put it on some sort of plaque and remembered I had this shelf from IKEA. I bought it for $1 in the as is section last year! I had it hanging in our old laundry room but apparently it was too heavy since it fell out of the wall. Ooops! So we moved it with us to our new house and it's been sitting in the garage. After I put the vinyl on it, I decided to put something on the side. I like to use what I have laying around, so I used some brown wrapping paper and some lace. Then I tied tulle around it.
 I was excited to put it up on our entertainment center which Tony made!
 Isn't it awesome!?! He only had the four legs to work with and made everything else from scratch. The cupboards are a cute bead-board, someday I'll have a good camera to show detail :)

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