Thursday, July 3, 2014

Minky Baby Blankets

My sister Amy did an awesome tutorial on adorable minky & satin baby blankets. She made one for my daughter & she LOVES it! I feel like she's a little queen everyday she uses it. Some of our friends are about to have babies so I decided to make them some of these blankets. 
The first one was for a baby girl. I found this cute minky at the Fabric center in South Jordan (UT). The fabric was already cut so it was half off! Yay!! 
I Love the Stain turquoise fabric. It has a flannel back so it stays in place better when you sew.

Here's the second one. 

Our friends are huge Real Salt Lake fans so I searched for some fabric, which I now know they don't make :) so I hunted down a jersey & cut out the logo. I added a red border frame around it so it would stand out.

One of the best things about these blankets is they are self-binding. It gives them a nice finished look & they are quick!

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