Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day!! It helps me look around & see how many blessings I truly have. I love to celebrate that I am a mother!!!!
Before I had kids I loved structure & order. I loved design & no clutter. Tonight as I knelt by my bed I noticed a change in me. I now relish in being a mother. I love the monster truck on my nightstand that was driven by my beautiful toddler earlier in the day. I smile as I see his stuffed Tigger sleeping by my bedside. I see their beautiful faces, hear their wonderful laugh & feel their sweet little feet. I have come to realize that children & their toys create so much more joy than what I liked before :) The stress of motherhood & the joy of motherhood are too often a fine line. It is easy to get lost in the chaos; but those special moments when the joy comes & I realize what I have & who I am-- it reaches the depths of my soul. It helps me remember...THIS is what I was meant for! THIS is why I am here! 
 Motherhood is a great insight into my true potential & what life is all about but are we not all mothers in some way, with deep instincts to love & lift & nurture one another? 

"Never underestimate your power or take for granted the work you do in the home. Mothers are engaged in strengthening the family 'one smile, one hug, one ball game, one child at a time.'"— Mervlyn Keapo Kitashima

It's the little things infused with LOVE that make all the difference. 

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