Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prom Sweet Prom

Last week I was able to work on this fun prom dress!!! I love the color and the gorgeous bead-work!

My neighbors asked me to hem up the bottom, fix a small hole in the tulle, 
and add sleeves to make it more modest.

 I had a hard time finding the exact color of fabric so that the sleeves would match the rest of the dress, so I ended up using two fabrics and overlaying them. The first fabric was a Fushia colored Mirror Organza (which is a sheer, lightweight, silky/somewhat stiff fabric:). I folded it three times so it was six layers thick and wouldn't be see-through. 
Then I added the second fabric on top, which was a raspberry colored, soft, wired Tulle. The sleeves were actually a bit more tricky than I thought. At first they turned out too poky on the top of the shoulders, so I sewed 3 small tuck/pleats on each sleeve so it would form to her shoulders better.

Here's how it turned out! Doesn't she look beautiful!?!?
(P.S. I really need to cover my dressform so it doesn't clash with whatever I put on it:)

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