Tuesday, May 1, 2012

White Ruffle Dress Part 2

I've had a few people wanting to know a little more detail about my White Ruffle Dress
So here it is again! :) I am also planning on making another dress like this with different material, so I will do a tutorial soon.

 Last Sunday I tried it out with a blue cardigan and a blue and white striped belt (which I found from a thrift store for $0.50--YAY!!!). 

Here's a better close up of the ruffles--just 2 simple ruffles that extend almost up to the shoulders.

Just above the end of the ruffle is where I added the Velcro. And the first part of the snap is just behind the collar.

 So it velcros across the top of the shoulder and then the snap prevents the gap between the back and the front of the collar.

Here's the dress without the cardigan. It could easily be made into a cap sleeve, but I knew I would be wearing a cardigan with it so I just made it a wider tank top. You might notice it is very see-through:) I loved this material, but it is thin! I didn't want to buy tons of it and I only do projects if they are simple and fast, so I actually just wear a cap-sleeve white under shirt (from Down East) and a white skirt underneath it. 

Can you tell? It's much less time consuming and works great for me:)

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