Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quilts to Remember

Over the last few years I have really enjoyed making quilts! My dad passed away 3 years ago and I was able to make quilts out of his old clothes for my brothers and sisters, mom, and grandparents . So here's a few pictures of some of them. It was so fun to come up with lots of different designs.
I pieced the back of a lot of the quilts as well as the front. My dad always carried a blue handkerchief so I cut this one up and added it to this particular quilt.
My dad also loved Ford trucks. So for this quilt, I cut up one of his Ford T-shirts and made that the centerpiece. I also cut out some of his hats and stitched them on.
My dad owned an excavating construction company and loved Caterpillar equipment. He had tons of hats and shirts that said CAT on them so I used them throughout all of the quilts. I also added red flannel to each of the quilts to tie them together.

For many of the backs of the quilts I actually bought flannel sheets. I found they were much cheaper than buying the material at the fabric store.
I LOVE seeing all of the different shirt pieces because I can totally recall my dad wearing each shirt.
This was a fun way to use up a lot of the scraps. I just sewed a bunch of random sized pieces together, and then cut them into long strips. It adds a lot more detail to the back.
 I wish I had taken pictures of all the other quilts. I really love having my quilt to remind me of my dad. It's also a great way to help my kids remember their grandpa and the things he loved!


  1. What a good idea, Kristianne. They look great, and I'm sure everyone who has one loves it.

    1. Thanks Mary!!! They were fun to make:)

    2. Oh wow! They all look so great and I'm sure everyone loves their quilts! I was thinking about doing this for my husband for our 10 year wedding anniversary taking shirts from my kids, me, and Phil and doing some sort of quilt. I don't know! But I sure do love these they turned out so great!

  2. I LOVE my quilt and I use it every night! Sometimes I don't want to use it and wear it out, but I like using it. :) It's fun to see these pictures of some of the different ones!