Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hydrangea Wreath Tutorial

 I have always loved Hydrangea Wreaths and wanted to have one. Unfortunately every time I found one I liked, they were about $50 or more! There's no way I could bring myself to pay that much for one, so I decided to make one!
 I bought this wreath a few years ago at a craft store and it's been sitting in our storage room. I figured it was probably about time to do something with it:)
 I found these blue hydrangeas at the Dollar Tree and bought 6 of them ($6).
 Then I clipped each individual stem off...
...and stuck it through the wreath. Then I wrapped the rest of the stem around it, so it would hold it in place.
When I finished with the hydrangeas it looked like this.
I wanted a little more green on it, so I pulled these leaves off of an old wreath that was too faded to use, and added them to my new wreath.
It was a super easy quick project and under $10!  And now my front door looks a little better:)

Bring on the spring!!! YAY!!!

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